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Steam Cleaning Methods vs. Dry Carpet Cleaning

Following is a short comparative study of the most sought after carpet cleaning methods in NYC. Let’s have a look at what makes carpet steam cleaning different from dry chem. cleaning of your carpets and rugs.

Whenever someone in the city wants their carpets and rugs to be super clean and germ-free, they consider steam carpet cleaning every time, but why? This is because professional steam cleaning method is relatively drier and is faster than most other methods. Once you hire a carpet and rug cleaning NYC professional to do deep steam cleaning of your carpets, you can rest assured that they will take out all the grime and dirt from them and that too without much delay because they use powerful machines mounted onto their vehicles.

As compared to the dry chem. cleaning of carpets and rugs, this method uses more steam power than chemical as the name suggests. There will however be a little bit of detergent that will go into the fibers of the carpets along with pressurized hot water to loosen up the dirt and grime. Also, more focus will be on the steam and not on the chemical.

Whereas the dry chem. carpet cleaning method focuses a bit more on the chemical which again can be of your choice (organic or plant-based if you want). The compound will be used to bind with the dirt in the fibers of the carpet and then all that dissolved dirt will be removed with the help of a strong industrial size vacuum cleaner.


The steam cleaning professional will use a very strong carpet steam cleaner to spray more detergent into your carpets and rugs and then use the machine to suck up more water. In this case, your carpets will take much less time to dry up as compared to regular shampooing.

Dry carpet cleaning, on the other hand, will mean even less waiting because there is much lesser use of moisture in this case. The professional will give you a choice between dry cleaning your carpets by either using their regular dry chemical compounds or their in-house cleaning solvents or those of your choice. They will then rub these chemicals deep into the fibers of the carpet so they can break down all the soil they come in contact with.

Note: – The name “dry-cleaning” is a bit misleading because there is always a bit of moisture that is needed to completely get your carpets rid of all the dirt and grime.

The biggest difference here is the time needed to use your carpets again and that is significantly shorter in dry chem. cleaning you will find that you are able to use your floors and runners almost instantly after the cleaning is done. This is why a lot of people in the commercial sector prefer to use dry-cleaning compounds because they just don’t cause any delay in their operations and the workers or employees can get back to work without wasting much of their time.

So, which one are you going to pick today?

Types Of Carpet Cleaning Suitable For Your Home And Office

Are you Curious to find out about the different carpet cleaning types available in the market? If not then you should be because what choices of cleaning processes you pick will largely depend upon the amount of traffic you get in your home or office. Following are the two primary methods of carpet cleaning that are gaining popularity mainly because of their applications. One is suitable for homes and the other is ideal for commercial spaces. We are talking about HOST cleaning and ENCAPSULATION cleaning techniques. These are effective in keeping your environment clean and fresh and also come highly recommended from the leading carpet manufacturers.

Following Are The Primary Carpet Cleaning Types You Should Be Aware Of:

Host Carpet Cleaning

This method of new york carpet cleaning is also known as an Absorbent Compound. Your carpet cleaning expert will use an attractant to pull out the grime and soil from your carpet. They will begin with vacuuming it and then a wet absorbent compound will be applied to it. They will bring a special machine to agitate and buff out the compound.’

 Carpet Cleaning

The soil or grime that comes out of the carpet is absorbed by the compound, and then the vacuum cleaner does its job. The primary strength of the absorbent compound used in Host Carpet Cleaning is that it lets the carpet dry out almost immediately and is a very affordable option. But there are limitations to this kind of cleaning and it is that it only cleans the surface of your carpet. If you have any soil or urine deposits deep inside the fibers, this method may not prove to be an effective choice. Also if the vacuum cleaner is not strong enough it will leave some of the compound residue in your carpet.

Encapsulation Technique

If you have low pile, commercial grade carpet, this is one of the methods of carpet cleaning that are going to suit you a lot. The professional will start by pre-treating your carpet with an encapsulating cleaning solution. Just like in the previous method, they will use a special machine to agitate the cleaning solution. This will rub down the solution into the carpet fibers. A crystal like coating will get formed on the carpet as the cleaning solution dries up. This encapsulates (or traps) the dirt, grime and soil deposits and then all of it will be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Any residual cleaning solution continues to trap dirt and soil and repeat vacuuming will keep on cleaning it further and deeper. Its biggest strength is that it has a fast dry time so you will have shorter down time for business operations. Its weakness is that with heavy soil conditions, its cleaning abilities get limited and it is not a process recommended for residential carpets.