Upholstery Cleaning


Furniture Care New York

Like your floor covering, your furniture is a major investment that reflects your style and the value you place in your home. We understand how important your furniture is to you. United Carpet Care carefully trains its staff to care for your home or office furniture.

By frequently cleaning your furniture, you can extend its useful life. An investment in clean is an investment in future value.

Upholstered Furniture
Sofas, loveseat, armchairs and recliners —these are important pieces of furniture that frame your life. As well as providing a comfortable place to sit, along with your floor covering they complete the total picture of your room. To retain your furniture’s value, pay as much attention to the spills and stains on your furniture as you do the stains on your floors.

United Carpet Care can clean your furniture at the same time we come to clean your carpets. Cleaning your entire house at one appointment once or twice a year can keep your home looking lovely from top to bottom.
United Carpet Care not only cares for your floor coverings, but we can also take skilled and professional care of your furniture. We clean every kind of upholstered furniture and slip covers.

Our cleaning methods ensure that no matter what fabric or style, your furniture will be clean, fresh and looking in showroom shape when we are finished.

Ensure the longest possible life of your furniture by calling United Carpet Care to ensure your upholstered pieces are clean year round.

Protect Your Fabrics
Even if your home does not have pets or children, you do have guests and occasionally you eat or drink while using your furniture. Protect upholstered pieces with 3M Scotchguard™ to make sure you have clean furniture between our visits.

Our Cleaning Methods Are Made to Order
No matter the type of fabric, our trained technicians can evaluate your furniture to use the proper method of cleaning and spot removal.

Our Furniture Service Selections
From steam cleaning to dry cleaning, we are experts in every type of furniture spot removal, cleaning and renewing. We also deodorize, control allergens, disinfect and protect. During our free estimate, we will present you with appropriate options for your special case.

Leather Cleaning

Long the first choice for the executive suite and the dens of the most discriminating men, leather needs specialized care. Both cleaning and conditioning are required to keep the leather looking its best.

Yes, leather is costly but, if properly cared for, its value will soon become apparent. A clean, well-cared for leather chair can remain beautiful and functional many years longer than even the most expensive upholstered piece.

Mattress Cleaning

About ten percent of Americans are allergic to House Dust Mites, according to the American College of Asthma, Allergy & Immunology.

When you keep the windows and doors in your house closed in the fall and winter, the population of House Dust Mites increases dramatically. In the spring, House Dust Mites aggravate many allergic reactions to pollen.

Therefore, it is important to take these tiny pests seriously. We will get rid of these House Dust Mites, as well as clean and disinfect your mattresses.

Call the Experts
When you are ready for clean, fresh furniture, call the experts at United Carpet Care at 800.424-3064. Remember, our estimates are always free and our work is 100 percent guaranteed.