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Mattresses are big in the news these days with a new awareness of insects inhabiting our sleeping quarters. House Dust Mites are a big contributor to allergies and skin reactions. You need to have your mattresses professionally cleaned at least once a year to ensure you keep the House Dust Mite population under control.

Your Health Is At Risk

House Dust Mites breed in your mattresses, bedclothes and carpets, feeding on dead skin and leaving excrement behind. The fecal, dust, and body part particles produce allergens that cause asthma attacks, wheezing and skin allergies.
The average lifetime of a House Dust Mite is 70 days and the female can lay up to 100 eggs. In its lifespan, the House Dust Mite can produce 2,000 fecal particles and even more enzyme-covered dust particles. They love warm, dark conditions and they look for folds in these dark places to breed.

To eradicate the House Dust Mites, you must control the dead skin accumulated in your mattress and bedding. We wash our bedding frequently, but we often forget about our mattresses.

To control your allergies, you must control the House Dust Mites. Professional cleaning can control these issues and leave your mattresses clean and germ free.

Control House Dust Mites to Control Allergies

You cannot vacuum the House Dust Mites away. They are too small to see and they are too small for your vacuum to draw from the cloth of the mattress.
Professional cleaning and sterilizing of your mattresses is the only solution to an infestation. We use a special vacuum, which traps nearly everything it collects. We then sterilize the mattress with an odor-free disinfectant that acts as an insect repellant.

A good idea is to schedule steam cleaning of your mattresses and carpets at the same time. Then, wash all bedclothes in very hot water.

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