Leather Cleaning

Leather Means Luxury

The distinctive aroma, the buttery soft feel, its long life and the soft cushion of leather makes leather one of the most popular and expensive of furniture coverings.

Even Leather Needs Professional Cleaning

When you notice a spill, blot it up immediately. The leather probably won’t absorb the spill if you act quickly. Although leather naturally repels stains, the human body itself can damage leather over a longer time. Leather absorbs oil, acids and perspiration and in those cases, professional cleaning is necessary.

Proper Care and Conditioning Mean a Longer Life

As well as cleaning, leather needs conditioning, just like your skin. Leather needs the same care to keep it smooth and supple and, just like you, it will be prone to dryness and cracking without the proper conditioning.

Some home products that claim to clean and condition leather are actually harmful. You need experts to take care of your significant investment.

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