Rug Cleaning


Valuable Rugs Need Special Care Rug Cleaning New York

Rugs offer a touch of color and pattern on Your Home or Office Floors. Decorative rugs are usually more expensive per square foot than carpeting, so keep them clean and soft with our gentle yet thorough Cleaning Solutions to retain their value for years to come. At Rug Cleaning New York by United Carpet Cleaners we can help with all your Rug Cleaning Needs.

Rug cleaning and repair is our Specialty. Some rugs are very valuable, made of exotic and rare materials with ancient techniques and these rugs require delicate cleaning solutions. Other rugs are sturdier and we must clean them with stronger solutions and methods. Be certain that you care for your valuable rugs by entrusting them to the specialists at United Carpet Care.

The Right Choice for Your Rug Cleaning

Whether hand-knotted or machine made, natural or synthetic materials, United Carpet Care will clean your rug with the proper cleaning solution. The technique we choose to care for your rug depends on the following:

  • Rug Style (Oriental, New Age Design, solid color ect).
  • Fiber Type / Textile ( Natural or synthetic Nylon Base Silk ect).
  • Source (Persian, Turkish, Chinese ect).
  • Fiber or Rug Condition: pet or food stains, traffic lane stains, odor issues, water damage ect

Before we start our trained and certified technicians will inspect your rug and compile a personalized cleaning plan just for your area rug. In order to keep it clean fresh and protected without any after cleaning damage.

We offer Multiple Cleaning Options for Every Budget

In house Rug cleaning option With Rug Cleaning New York:

after our inspection our techs will proceed to clean your rugs in house for your convenience with our deep steam cleaning or any of our deep shampoo and stain removal packages of your choice and needs.

Free Pick Up & Delivery for In plant Cleaning option With Rug Cleaning New York:

your rug will be remove to our state of the art Green cleaning facility to be cleaned. There your rug will go threw the proper cleaning process determined by our technician. All rugs will go threw our Mandatory 3 step basic cleaning process:

  • Bit & Shake to loosen up and release any dust ant dirt deep within the rug fiber
  • Front side Sprayer and stain treatment
  • Back side first wash ( we clean both sides of your rug)

Once cleaned all rugs dry in a temperature controlled drying room. Then, we return your rug to you in great condition, clean, dry & wrapped and we guarantee that you will be happy with your rug’s new condition.

As always, we recommend that you finish the cleaning process with 3M Scotch guard™ Protector to help maintain your rug’s new finish.