Additional Services


United Carpet Care offers you the widest possible range of cleaning services. We hope to meet every cleaning need of businesses and homeowners on time and within budget.

A Word About Our Crew

We will not ever skimp on your job, no matter what! That not only means that we will use the right amount of cleaning solution or wait for the water in our carpet cleaner to get to the proper temperature. Far more important to us is that we never skimp on our people.

We carefully screen each job applicant to ensure that the applicant has the United Carpet Care attitude and skill-set. Yes, knowing on the first day on the job how to use our equipment is a great time-saver. Much more important however is if that new employee also knows how important YOU, the customer, is to our business.

Call us at United Carpet Care at 800.424-3064 today to help evaluate your home and determine what services will help keep it looking new and fresh.