Organic Cleaning & Care

Responsible Systems for Your Environment

For the last decades, families become more concerned about using harsh chemicals in their homes. United Carpet Care can assure you that each one of our cleaning solutions and all of our methods follow the latest and strictest environmental standards. We often hear the words “green” or “eco-friendly” used in advertising products and services. What do those words really mean to our industry and the cleaning solutions and methods we use?

The US Environmental Protection Agency safeguards our citizens and our planet from harmful chemicals and substances. The agency developed the following Environmental Attributes that describe the cleaning solutions and methods, which meet their standards:

The cleaning product should expose persons and animals with no or a minimal amount to the following:
• Concentrates
• Bioconcentration factors
• Added dyes except for safety warnings
• Fragrances
• Skin irritants
• Volatile organic compounds

The cleaning product should expose the environment with no or a minimal amount to the following:
• Ozone-depleting substances
• Flammability

The manufacturer should package the cleaning product with the following:
• Recyclable packaging
• Recycled-content in packaging
• Reduced packaging

The United Carpet Care Promise

We guarantee that our methods and products meet these standards. We assure you that your family’s and pets’ well-being is our utmost concern. There is no extra charge, no need to ask for environmentally responsible products. It is just the way we do business.

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