Pet Urine & Odor Care

Pet Urine and Stain Treatments

Pet stains are really two problems for their owners —stains and odors. According to the Humane Society, cleaning the stains is important for the appearance of the upholstery or carpet, but the odor is the key to preventing recurrence.

In order to re-train your pet not to use the soiled area again and instead use the preferred place to “go,” you must eliminate even the smallest trace of the stain. This is a job for the expert technicians from United Carpet Care.

When the stain is new and still wet, following these steps:

Use paper towels and newspapers to soak up as much of the liquid as possible. Lay down a thick layer of paper towels and then a thick layer of newspapers over the spot.
• If you can, put newspaper under the spot as well.
• You should stand on this padding for about one minute.
• Remove the wet material and repeat until the spot is barely damp.
• If possible, rinse the area.

For areas that have already set,

Avoid using steam cleaners. The heat will bind the protein to the fibers resulting in a permanent odor and stain.
• Do not use cleaning chemicals. Solutions of ammonia, vinegar or any with strong odors do not effectively remove the odor. The strong odors can actually encourage them to return to the spot.
• Beware of neutralizing cleaners. If you have ever cleaned the area with any cleaner or chemical, the neutralizer will actually clean the old non-protein cleaner odor before the protein-based pet odor.
• You may need to replace carpet padding. If the padding has been soaked, especially from repeated wettings, you may have no choice but to replace the padding. The odors will become increasingly strong and you cannot remove the odor by cleaning the carpet above.

If You Have Old Pet Stains and Odors, Call Us!

It is apparent from the above that qualified professionals should properly clean old or extensive pet stains and odors. The expert technicians at United Carpet Care are your best chance to save your upholstery and floor coverings. Call us at 800.424.3064 for a free estimate.”