Sewage Backup


Sewage backups are undoubtedly the homeowner’s least favorite problems. They are dirty, smelly and dangerous. While you are waiting for our expert technicians to arrive, the following will help lessen the damage:

Beware of electrocution. Turn off the electricity to the affected rooms.
Shut doors and open windows. Close off the overflow area from the rest of the house, if possible. Open windows in the overflow area.
Beware of toxins. Make sure sick, elderly or pregnant adults and all children stay away from the contaminated area. There are serious health consequences to remaining near the contamination.

Call the Professionals
Call our decontamination experts as soon as you see the overflow. We can come to your rescue any time of the day or night, any day of the week.

We will remove the toxic debris immediately to bring your home back to health.
Call United Carpet Care immediately at 800.424-3064.