Water Damage Repair

Fire & Water Damage Restoration Of New York

As we saw during the recent Hurricane Sandy, flooding can occur rapidly and can prove dangerous within minutes. Flooding can occur in the home because of a storm, burst pipes, overflowing toilets, sinks or appliances. You must act immediately and keep safety foremost in mind.

Do Not Delay — Act Now!

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, mold will occur within two days of a flood. Mold is actually the biggest risk to your health after any kind of flood. You must immediately get rid of standing water. The sooner you do, the less damage will occur to your carpeting, furniture, baseboards and walls.

What to Do

Here are some tips in case flooding occurs in your home.
•Call United Carpet Care at 800.424.3064.
•We are available any time of the day or night
•Do not enter a room that has standing water.
•Turn off your home’s electricity until the professionals arrive.

How We Will Help

Our specialists will specially treat your home or office after removing all traces of standing water and remaining moisture. We will clean and deodorize all affected rugs, carpets and furniture. After the thorough cleaning, we will treat the areas with mold and mildew retardant and then disinfect your rooms.

Of course, as always, our products are organic, safe and all natural.