Mold Removal

Molds Removal

Mold Abatement

Outdoors, mold has positive uses. Mold spores degrade fallen leaves and dead vegetation. Indoors, mold can cause allergic reactions, including asthma.

You need to fix the water or moisture problem, and then deal with the mold. None of the many mold types will grow without water, so the resolution lies in first drying indoor surfaces.

What to Do Until We Arrive

If you find mold on your fireplace woodpile, carpets, walls, closets, basement or other moisture-rich, dark and warm places, do not disturb the mold.

Turn off the air conditioner or heating system if you suspect a room is contaminated. Close the door to the contaminated area and call us for help.

Call United Carpet Care

Removing mold is a job for professionals who follow US Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. We are experts in mold prevention and removal.

If you live in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, we will give your home a free test.
Call United Carpet Care at 800.424-3064 at once, if you suspect mold in your home.