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With over 10 years of carpet cleaning experience, United Carpet Cleaners, Carpet Cleaning nyc, Cleaning with Organic Solutions is quite simply an all-star crew who will make your home or office shine. We proudly offer our expertise to tackle all your cleaning projects, no matter how tough. Our prices and promotions, combined with our expertise, result in satisfied customers all over New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Our Standards Mean Your Satisfaction

Whether you call us at Carpet Cleaning ny. to clean your home, lake house, office, store, hotel, or other residential, commercial or industrial space, we give you a thorough, deep clean the first time, every time! We are secure in our knowledge and experience because we give our customers 100% satisfaction on every job — no arguments, no excuses! You don’t need to tell us twice to do our best job the first time!

Want to Have Your Clean “Green?” with the best carpet cleaning nyc crew

You don’t ever have to ask United Carpet cleaners for organic, nontoxic or biodegradable products. It doesn’t cost you extra and you don’t have to wait for a clerk to order or restock the products. That’s because every single one of the products we use are simply the safest as well as the most effective on the market. We are committed to finding the products that will leave your space spotlessly clean, fresh smelling and with the healthiest environment possible.


What a relief hiring a company that’s a life saver. David, thanks for delivering the best results I am very grateful to you.
Eugenia P.Great local Service
David was a pleasure to work with. He’s very responsive, and did excellent job communicating the status of cleaning request.
Sam P.Great local Service

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We offer a wide array of services for your Home / Office, carpets, area rugs & Upholstery such as:

Organic Carpet Cleaning.
Different Carpet Shampoo packages & stain removal treatments.

Fine Rug Care (oriental, wool, Silk, Persian, lamb & sheep rugs, Turkish killim…) and many other fine and exotic area rugs. In House or In Plant Rug Cleaning ( We offer free pick up & Delivery of any rug size or brand).

Anti allergy & bacteria treatments for all carpet, rug & Upholstery brands Detailed Upholstery Cleaning ( shampoo & stain or odor removal) Organic Pet Stain & Odor elimination process

Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning Services in NYC(New York City)

Why choose united carpet cleaners?

Not only do we keep your budget in mind, we will fit a tailor made cleaning solution for any budget and any item, with any condition. With over 12 years of experience we have seen and cleaned all types of carpets. rugs or upholstery.

Knowing that a great deal is always in demand we at united carpet cleaners know that every rug, carpet or upholstery needs an appropriate cleaning solution that will get maximum results and keep the item cleaned is the best shape it has ever been. Each visit will start with a comprehensive inspection by out technicians in order for us to give you the best service options for your carpet, rugs or upholstery cleaning needs.

Then Once the options are explained to you step by step, it is up to you to choose the cleaning package that best suit your expectations and budget.

Enjoy our vast experience and learning on the field for an of the above or many other cleaning services for your home/ office today

Pet Urine Treatment

carpet cleaning new york

Pet stains are really two problems for their owners —stains and odors. According to the Humane Society, cleaning the stains is important for the appearance of the upholstery or carpet, but the odor is the key to preventing recurrence. In order to…….

Organic Carpet Cleaning nyc

carpet cleaning ny

What is Organic Cleaning &

Why Should you ask for it?, every time. Read everything you need to know, and you will understand. That Green is not a trend it is a matter of health and safety. For you and your loved ones Our Green Services

carpet cleaning nyc